Accessibility is on your roadmap, but is it part of your daily sprint?

Inclusive design makes a better product for everyone, not just those with impairments. There is no reason to bury accessibility to the bottom of your backlog. Yes, it is often a large lift for a developer, but you should be planning, designing, and building for accessibility right now.

There are 57 million people living with a disability in the United States

3.3% Have Impaired Vision

Vision impairments like color blindness make it hard to read and discern color in charts and figures

8.2%Have Impaired Mobility

Websites that require the use of a mouse to navigate the page, leave out users with impaired mobility.

3.1% Have Impaired Hearing

Videos without closed captioning exclude users with hearing difficulties from accessing your content.

8.2% Are Impaired Cognitively

Complex layouts with cluttered windows and looped flashing images make it difficult for users to focus.

Accessibility for the Web

Access to the web is as important as access to electricity, water, or any other utility. For one in five of us, that access can be limited by designs that were never built for folks with disabilities.

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Accessibility and Mobile

Mobile apps often connect the digital and physical worlds, ushering in major technologies that quickly become part of our daily lives.

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Cognitive Accessibility

For many developers and designers, web accessibility means designing for screen reader users. This directly aids blind and low-vision users but does little to aid people with cognitive disabilities. 

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Accessible UX Design

Inclusive design is an intrinsic part of UX, UI and GUI development, or at least it should be. Why? There are currently over one billion disabled people in the world.

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Accessibility is for Everyone

We can help bring your site or app into Section 508 compliance to help avoid costly fines. iSoftStone North America offers an array of services from development to testing and validation to making your site or app accessible to a wider variety of users.

Not sure how to get started making your sites and app accessible for all users?  We put together a guide.  Click the button below to learn more and to get in contact.